Want to Know You and Your Partner Are in Good Hands?

What It Takes to Become a Couple Counselor

Every couple that goes to a couple counselor will be taught how to cope with their immediate problems and strengthen their relationship by learning how to better relate to each other. Some common reasons why couples go to counseling are infidelity, continuous arguing, anger, and dissatisfaction with their partner. For one to become such a counselor, one needs to get an advanced degree and become licensed within their region or state, where they will start to practice.

The first step one needs to take is to get an undergraduate degree. Bachelor’s degrees in sociology, social work and psychology are amongst the most popular degrees sought after. But, anyone that wants to pursue other social science degrees like political science, and anthropology, can still practice as a counselor. If anyone is pursuing one of these, they will have to fulfill some requirements, which are outside psychology or sociology classes; this is done to avoid taking extra course work later on.

The minimum requirement needed to become a couple counselor will be a Master’s degree. But, some take a Ph.D. to get a higher salary. In contrast with an undergraduate degree, one will need to obtain a special graduate degree in some form of mental health field, like sociology, social work or psychology, in order to become a fully licensed couples counselor.

While in graduate school, the coursework will mean taking classes in research, interviewing, substance abuse, chemical dependency, and the overall principles regarding counseling. Plus, accredited graduate programs need an internship before one is able to graduate. Once this is completed, one has to become a licensed couples counselor. However, individuals will still have to practice under the watchful eye of a more experienced and licensed counselor.

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