Don’t Want to Give up on Your Marriage Just Yet?

Tips on How to Encourage a Spouse to Attend Marriage Counseling

It’s almost impossible to get a spouse who is unwilling, to go to a marriage counseling session, unless, however, they have been ordered by the court. If a person does not want to attend, you can’t force them to go to counseling sessions. Furthermore, if your spouse agrees to go but is not willing to change, counseling sessions will be useless.

However, in some cases, a spouse could just feel uncomfortable with the idea of speaking to a stranger about their issues. They could also feel like you and the counselor will use this time to gang up against them. If this is the case, talking to your spouse about their reluctance to attend could help encourage them to at least try it.

Another good approach is asking your spouse to attend marriage counseling sessions in order to help you. When your spouse feels the counseling sessions will not end up being confrontational and could be of help to them, only then will they agree to attend voluntarily. Many psychologists feel if a spouse won’t attend counseling, then the other spouse involved should still attend. Individual counseling could help clearly define your needs and problems. And if your reluctant spouse sees you are benefiting from the sessions, they could be more open in the future to attend.

A spouse that is worried about sharing their personal issues with a counselor might be more willing to read a self-help book regarding healthy marriages. This could result in a greater interest in counseling or could help to address some of the problems in the marriage. Either way, forcing any spouse to attend counseling sessions is redundant, as both parties should be in total agreement before attending.

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