About Counseling Dimensions – Jan Miller

At Counseling Dimensions – Jan Miller, we are a team of qualified counselors with years of experience helping people face emotional, personal and behavioral issues that are affecting big part of their lives. We offer longer and short term counseling services for individuals as well as marriage in private Tucson AZ counseling rooms. We provide honorable feedback at a practical level, but on a psychological level, we will gently push you to realizing your unconscious perceptions and motives. Hand holding a butterfly Our office feels cozy, warm and comfortable, and we will always offer you a warm cup of coffee or tea on your arrival! Seeing one of our therapists for counseling psychology sessions as a couple or family can be a powerful way of enhancing support, developing understanding and achieving change in relationships. We look forward to meeting you!!

The connection we have with our customers are at the heart of our work. Counseling Dimensions – Jan Miller’s individual and marriage counselling services are conducted in a non judgmental, supportive atmosphere and discussions in therapy are always confidential. From the first meeting, we understand that therapy can be a highly personal and private experience.

Our practice includes work with adults, teenagers, children, couples and families, as well as parenting issues.

We are one ring away!

Address: 1456 W Chapala Dr Tucson AZ 85704-2037

Phone: (520) 297-5558