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Do you and your partner have trouble communicating? Do you constantly fight over money, housework, sex or child rearing? These scandals are extraordinarily specific to the argument at hand but are masks for deeper unmet needs going unrealized. Those who obstinately refuse to visit marriage counselor are often those who could potentially benefit most from it. If your partner is one of those, you should most certainly seek individual counseling from Counseling Dimensions – Jan Miller in Tucson AZ to better control and understand your negative contributions and emotional reactions to the relationship. We have been in business for many years and understand how hard it can be to communicate with a counselor, but we also know how empowering it can be when you make that first confidential call to one of our licensed therapists. If you are interested in marriage counseling you can call us today.

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Marriage counseling

Our marriage had completely fallen apart. Jan helped us slowly put it back together. She was so compassionate and really helped us get to the core issues of where we went wrong. We would definitely return! Thanks, Jan!

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If there happens to be a form of addiction or mental illness present in you or your life partner, coming to our marriage counselors is a good solution to overcome it together. By definition, individual and family counseling is a type of psychotherapy directed at finding the root of your problems and teaching you the tools for good conflict solution. Happy family with hands in the airOur skilled marriage counselors will encourage interaction between you and your husband/wife and interpose where necessary as an impartial, third party. Our main purpose is to try to help you understand the emotions and sources behind your misunderstanding and disagreement and to improve communication between the two of you. Appoint a marriage counseling session to give your relationship another chance.

Counseling Dimensions – Jan Miller has male and female therapists for you to choose from and we can inform you of their education, credentials and therapy style to better assist your choice. Some therapists use forms of active listening or role playing. There are others who encourage letter writing and journaling. Some may encourage things to do like private counseling couples retreat weekends or date nights as ways to strengthen and enliven the relationship outside of therapy sessions. Individual exam of brainMost families use a combination of therapy strategies tailored to what they see occurring within the functionality of the relationship and makeup. And if you are very unhappy with a therapist, we have a large staff and can help match you up with another more compatible marriage or couples counselor.

You must face the reality that after a number a visits to our marriage counselor or individual counselors you may determine that your core beliefs or issues truly are different and inconsistent with your spouse’s and you may decide to sever your family relationship. Our trained marriage counselor can continue working through the transition to end and recovery from a failed relationship. It’s probable that you’re tired of disregard a strained relationship and finally realize that seeking help might be a better way to handle it. We know that the first step is the hardest, but it is the most important and each step really does get much easier. Make the call to Counseling Dimensions – Jan Miller today at (520) 297-5558 before your relationship deteriorates beyond repair.